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1921-P Morgan Dollar High (BU+) Grade Beautiful Luster & US Silver Dollar Coin

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Price: 54.95 USD

Coin Details:

1921-P Morgan Dollar High (BU+) Grade Beautiful Luster & US Silver Dollar Coin

Up For Consideration:

1 X 1921-P Morgan Dollar High (BU+) Grade Beautiful Luster & US Silver Dollar Coin

Your Satisfaction Guarantee:  

* You are GUARANTEED to receive the coin that is pictured.

* Your Shipping Fees are GUARANTEED not to exceed $3.49 per shipment.

* You’re GUARANTEED to receive FREE SHIPPING with any purchase of $20 or more. 

* Your purchase is GUARANTEED to ship in one business day.

* Your returns are GUARANTEED to be accepted – for any reason, and without question.

* And, the shipping charges for any returns are GUARANTEED to be covered too.

The bottom line… Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, or, 100% of your money back – it’s that simple.

Shipping Fees:

* I want to be able to provide tracking for every order my customers place but due to USPS’s rising shipping costs. A single shipping charge of $3.29 will be applied to all purchases that are combined into a single payment.

* Shipping is FREE for any combined single payment purchase of $20 or more.

You may need to request an adjusted invoice so that I can remove any excess shipping charges.

Make sure you review your order total before making your payment!

Returns Policy:

* You have a 30-day 100% Money Back Returns Policy.  And, the return shipping charges are covered as well… So long as the seals on the inner bags have not been broken, and, you contact me via email in advance to receive your Returns Authorization Number.

Placing Your Order:

* Add as many coins as you wish to your shopping cart.

* When you are ready to checkout – Make sure to request an adjusted invoice.

* The adjusted invoice will show a single shipping charge of $3.49, or NO SHIPPING CHARGE if your order is $20 or more.

Paying for your Order:

* Please wait for the adjusted invoice prior to making your payment.

* Payment is due within 2 days of your receipt of the emailed adjusted invoice.

Shipping Your Order:

* Purchases are shipped within 24 hours of receipt of payment (Orders placed on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays will be shipped on Monday).

* All orders are shipped using USPS First Class Package Service (getting to you usually in 2-3 Business Days).

* Order tracking and delivery confirmation is provided.

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