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1939-S Mercury Dime // Gem BU // 90% Silver // 1 Coin

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Price: 24.98 USD

Coin Details:

1939-S Mercury Dime // Gem BU // 90% Silver // 1 Coin

Description:  As proven. Bright strike, advantageous luster!


Listings with this policy included are stock describe listings.

As a method to bring top quality collector cash at a really sensible mark. Our stock that we have numerous, that is of equal quality and is on the more cheap aspect we are actually the advise of stock photos. It is miles more fee tremendous this vogue and we are in a position to trot the savings onto our prospects. 

The most keen method this works is if the usual is equal to or better than the grade and images proven in our listings. We adhere to stick grading requirements to originate this seemingly. Right here is why we receive just about 50k definite feedbacks yearly and a Top Vendor in the coin market. If for any motive the coin you receive you are feeling is below graded please contact us first and we are going to give you the selection to be at liberty to swap it out as prolonged as its aloof sealed internal our 2×2 flip.

We understand that mix transport on all orders.

 1 Coin.

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