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1965 Kennedy Half of Dollar // Gem SMS Proof Adore // 40% Silver // 1 Coin

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Price: 9.98 USD

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1965 Kennedy Half of Dollar // Gem SMS Proof Adore // 40% Silver // 1 Coin

Description:  As shown. PROBLEM FREE! Plenty of these coins exclaim a Cameo Strike, which we leave in these groups as a tremendous added bonus. Fresh from Particular Mint Role (SMS). These are Gem Proof Adore Money!


Listings with this protection included are stock photo listings.

As a procedure to raise excessive quality collector coins at a no doubt cheap notice. Our inventory that now we hang got a ramification of, that is of equal quality and is on the extra life like facet we at the 2d are using stock photos. It’s far far extra notice positive this means and we can scamper the financial savings onto our clients. 

The tremendous means this works is if the everyday is the identical as or better than the grade and photos shown in our listings. We adhere to stay grading requirements to salvage this that you should imagine. Which means we receive virtually 50k particular feedbacks every twelve months and a Top Seller in the coin market. If for any motive the coin you receive you feel is below graded please contact us first and we are in a position to be tickled to swap it out as lengthy as its nonetheless sealed internal our 2×2 flip.

We finally combine shipping on all orders.

        1 Coin.

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