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1971- 1974 & 1976 5 Coin 40% Silver $1 Eisenhower Dollar 5 Uncirculated “S” Set

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1971- 1974 & 1976 5 Coin 40% Silver $1 Eisenhower Dollar 5 Uncirculated “S” Set eBay

5 Coin 1971 – 1978 Eisenhower Dollar PDS Uncirculated Set with the 5 Silver Uncirculated Issues

Up for sale is 5 coin set of company strike uncirculated 40% silver Eisenhower Dollars covering the years 1971 – 1974 & &1976 All of these coins stemmed from the San Francisco mint and all were offered straight to collectors in the year of mintage (i.e. these coins did NOT flow). Keep in mind, while this is a complete set of the 40% silver organization strike Eisenhower coins, this set includes no evidence All of the coins are perfectly uncirculated and these coins represent the last of the “silver” dollars in American coinage (all future “silver” dollars would be commemoratives and sold/priced by the mint like bullion coins based upon their silver material).

The Eisenhower Dollar series started in 1971 and was the very first big dollar United States coin minted utilizing the “attired” copper nickel solution. In addition to the routine clothed blood circulation strike coins, the mint likewise launched silver blood circulation strike coins (which needed to be bought from the mint and were not for basic flow) in the years from 1971 – 1974 and 1976 which are consisted of in this set. Even with the Eisenhower series advancing through 1978, the mint stopped making the unique release Eisenhower 40% silver dollars after the 1976 Bicentennial problem. After the Eisenhower coins were usually seldom utilized in blood circulation due to their heft and size, the mint stopped the series in 1978 in hopes that a little dollar option to be launched in 1979 would much better flow (the Susan B Anthony series which was likewise a flow failure).

Given I have more than among these sets to offer, t he coins in the images will go to the very first purchaser with others getting equivalent quality uncirculated coins. These are good uncirculated silver unique problem coins at extremely sensible prices. Eisenhower coins have actually just recently been increasing in rate with more interest in the series though they stay fairly inexpensive.

Dates/coins in this set consist of:

1971 S 40% Silver Uncirculated Eisenhower Dollar

1972 S 40% Silver Uncirculated Eisenhower Dollar

1973 S 40% Silver Uncirculated Eisenhower Dollar

1974 S 40% Silver Uncirculated Eisenhower Dollar

1976 S Bicentennial 40% Silver Uncirculated Eisenhower Dollar

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