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1971-1978 100 Eisenhower Dollars Circulated MIX LOT Free shipping

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Price: 149.99 USD

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Country/Region of Manufacture: United States Certification Number: N.a
Coin: Eisenhower Certification: Uncertified
Strike Type: Business Mint Location: Philadelphia/Denver
Grade: Circulated Year: 1971
Circulated/Uncirculated: Circulated Composition: Copper
Denomination: $1

this buy it now is for 1971-1978 (100 Count ) of $1.00 Eisenhower Dollars Circulated to uncirculated  MIX LOT  I have Loomis official Bank bags of Eisenhower dollars bags And they are 1000 count bags of Eisenhowers you will get 100 Eisenhower dollars from these bags they will be pulled at random they are circulated to Uncirculated do not ask me to check dates or conditions (I will not do it..)(((I will only pull out the damaged ones)))this will be strictly at random  WE HAVE COMDINE SHIPPING 

((( I will except returns if original package that is sent to you is not open I will not except the return if postal package has been open because I do not know If the coins have been switched If you have any concerns please contact me through email))))

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