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1983-s U.S.Proof intention. Good. total and favorite as issued by US Mint.

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1983-s U.S.Proof intention. Good. total and favorite as issued by US Mint.

We attain no longer accumulate provides for below the eBay designate nor will we dwell auctions early.

 We’ve got condensed 56 years of advertising and marketing mail picture into a complete presentment to make high-quality your satisfaction.

In terms of the Condition of the Packaging of Proof and Mint Sets


  “We’re selling coins no longer packaging.”

  Our sets are above market standards as traded between sellers.

 These sets enjoy handed through so a lot of hands since they left the mint.

Even supposing all our proof and mint sets come with the outer box/envelope those “envelopes” are ALL in “aged” situation and must restful evidence “handling” and “wear”.

The older the sets, the more evidence of handling. No longer one among the imperfections in the outer wrappers enjoy an affect on the situation of the coins enclosed. Sets from 1955 to 1967 are over a half of century extinct whereas sets from 1968 to 1984 are 1/3 of a century extinct. The outer wrappers are in reality paper skinny and revel in been dealt with by outdated homeowners who opened these wrappers to witness at their coins. Even the paper “boxes”/wrappers of very lately issued sets will conceal that the box has been opened whereas you CAREFULLY originate and shut it one time.

 We attain our handiest to enjoy a checklist of the “freshest” “cleanest” packaged sets we possibly can nevertheless please be advised that whereas you inquire of “mint contemporary” “perfect” contemporary paper coverings we’ll now not service your picture as we’ll now not prefer one purchaser over one other by cherry picking the most perfect wrappers for one particular person. 

 Grading companies attain no longer charge the wrappers whereby the coins are housed. They attain no longer grade them. In reality, they’re accountable for destroying 10’s of hundreds of them each and each month as they spoil them originate to grade the coins enclosed.

 The coins enjoy charge. The wrappers attain no longer. As a purchaser you will enjoy the actual to function the situation of the wrapper you wish. We are able to acknowledge any inquire of you will enjoy as to the situation of the wrapper you will net. They’ll all be in some convey of aged situation.

 The onerous plastic circumstances are subject to diminutive stress fractures both when originally encased or as they age. 

 Even supposing all our proof/mint sets are mint sealed and in some circumstances hermetically sealed in flat air tight plastic cellos, esteem proof sets 1955-1964, that air tight packaging incorporates the unique airborne contaminants of that air pocket. ALL proof and uncirculated sets will conceal some signal of interaction with micro atom contaminants over time (firming) whereas you effect “ample” magnification on each and each coin in any proof and mint intention. (We’ve got even seen human finger prints on hermetically sealed mint sets 1959-1964 which proves that no longer all mint workers wore their gloves when handling these uncirculated coins for packaging.) 

Here is a duplicate of the conceal placed in early mint-sealed proof sets by the Mint Superintendent starting in 1956:

Your U.S. Proof Coins–enjoy been moderately inspected sooner than originate! If there must restful seem–what may possibly well possibly appear to you–a defect or a scratch on a coin–it is now not any longer any query a crease in the polyethylene-coated cellophane whereby they’re encased. We picture you this to establish us each and each pointless correspondence. THANK YOU! (over) In due route your Proof Coins may possibly well possibly conceal evidence of oxidation (tarnish or discoloration). We’ve got chosen provides and techniques of packing that we hope will prolong this probability, nevertheless we’ll now not desire accountability for oxidation. Please attain no longer ask us to function exchanges or changes. Thank You! (Mrs.) Rae V. Biester, Mint Superintendent

(from 1956)


Please attain no longer inquire of your proof/mint coins to witness as they did the day the mint struck them. From the 2nd they’re struck the metallic begins to work along with the catalysts of air, mild, temperature, and atoms in the air and the micro contaminants that shall be in the airtight hermetically sealed proof/mint sets themselves. The irony is that there may possibly be a tall market with tall premiums for the most “gleaming” firming that a few of these conditions rep.

Whenever you occur to may possibly well possibly enjoy any questions/concerns about proof/mint intention situation, please message us prior to paying to your picture.

General Records, Policies, and Continually Requested Questions

1. Mistakes:  We function mistakes. PLEASE enable us the chance to take care of any possible mistake made.

2. Coin GradingWe guarantee authenticity most attention-grabbing. Any grades are our notion. We exercise the term “excessive grade” after we deem a coin is in the upper 20% of the surviving population. We exercise the term “larger grade” after we deem a coin is in the upper 50% of the surviving population. We exercise the note “detail” that coin grading companies exercise to alert traders after we deem a coin may possibly well possibly enjoy a bigger than common environmental defect. We support communication sooner than you make a selection. We’re continually full of life to present you our notion of any coin. We exercise hundreds of dollars per week producing photos on the obverse and reverse of each and each coin we sell. These photos must restful be ample to make high-quality your satisfaction. We STRONGLY ADVISE that you just will enjoy data/trip of the coin industry, coin grading, and fashioned coin phrases sooner than you eliminate. We’re contented to acknowledge questions in the eBay message system. To make high-quality buyer satisfaction now we enjoy a 30 day unconditional return protection. Potentialities attain no longer esteem returns. Question questions sooner than you pay to make high-quality satisfaction.

When ordering more than one items from one vendor there may possibly be a purpose in the eBay CART known as “inquire of invoice from vendor.” This permits you to inquire of and net an invoice to your total make a selection, after you comply with pick out in your CART. If the invoice you net from us exceeds your designate level that you just may possibly well possibly simply ask us to assassinate the sale sooner than paying for it.

I invite you to COST COMPARE our FINAL COST prices on proof/sets with the total leisure on eBay. Since 2008 to this level, no eBay purchaser has shown us any vendor who sells proof/mint sets for below we attain.

We give you the ease all proof sets from 1955 to this level and all mint sets from 1959 to this level. We’re no longer responsive to every other eBay vendor who does.

We’ve got a SHIPPING and HANDLING designate. The SHIPPING (postage ) is qualified phase of the price. The HANDLING is a well-behaved designate. Hiring of us who needs to be bonded to work in our vault facility, provides, INSURANCE for EVERY picture, exact transport to the transport facility. Whenever you occur to enjoy been confronted with paying these HANDLING charges you will deem it when our accountant advises us that we’re losing main money above what we charge for transport and HANDLING. 10 years in the past we obtained eBay’s best possible rating for our transport and handling designate. We’ve got no longer raised this designate to the customer whereas postage on my own has NEARLY DOUBLED in the final 10 years.


5. Grading by third events:  Our transaction is with you. Please attain no longer own us with any third celebration in our transaction. Three coin sellers may possibly well perchance agree on the grade of a coin if two of them enjoy been ineffective. As I write this I in fact enjoy three coins in grading plastics by “the most prominent” grading companies. One is a 1915-d penny in a BU holder described as a 1915-s. One is a excessive grade form one standing liberty quarter described as a type two. Yet every other is a 1928 peace dollar graded AU with more destructive file marks on the reverse than that you just may possibly well possibly precisely rely. We enjoy by no system sent a coin to a grading service. I in fact enjoy had a native vendor send a few coins in for purchasers and through him we did an experiment in 2007. We sent a fabulous BU 1942/1-d dime in for grading to the “tall three” on the time. It came relieve graded from AU to excessive grade BU. The contrast in charge became from $1,000 to $8,000. Then we sent it relieve a 2nd time to the related grading service and they enjoy been 3 grades off from their first grade. A pair of weeks in the past a vendor I know purchased a graded VF DETAILS half of cent in a “tall public sale” coin convention public sale. He had it re-graded and it came relieve a solid AU. I individually know sellers that function their dwelling by cracking what they take note below graded coins out of plastic and sending them relieve in “bulk charge” until they “rep the grade they want” and then they sell them. WE PLACE ZERO VALUE ON ANY THIRD PARTY GRADING OPINION EXCEPT AUTHENTICITY.

6. Refunds:  It is main and reassuring to grab that you just are exact with eBay Purchaser Protection. We’ve got a no questions requested/unconditional return protection with no re-stocking charge. We most attention-grabbing ask that traders PLEASE exercise all due diligence in the utilization of the total data equipped a few coin sooner than make a selection to preserve far from pointless returns. We inquire of the purchaser to pay for all transportation charges unless there may possibly be a cloth mistake in the describe equipped. Our photos will also be blown as a lot as the scale of a pc conceal for shut examination. We exercise over $100,000.00 a year offering these photos to make high-quality buyer satisfaction

and rep rid of returns. Please guarantee your accumulate satisfaction with shut examination of the photos equipped and in asking any questions prior to make a selection out.

7. Authenticity:  All coins are assured to be kindly for life and must restful be returned any time for a 100% refund if no longer kindly.

8. Transport:  It is our protection to ship all orders internal one industry day.

9. Query items:  Please exercise eBay’s describe expansion feature (on hand for every and each coin we sell) to make a selection if the situation of each and each coin we sell is to your satisfaction. THE PICTURE OF THE COIN IS THE GRADE OF THE COIN PRESENTED. This describe is in fact price 1 Million phrases.  One Million phrases may possibly well possibly by no system present a larger description than an image. Any written description is merely our notion and no longer a guarantee of what our purchaser or every other celebration may possibly well possibly advance at. We’re contented to acknowledge any questions you will enjoy about our description. You like to rely entirely in your accumulate overview as to the grade of any coin.

10. Question sooner than you eliminate:  In reality feel free to ask questions sooner than you pay. We eliminate the most reasonable photos we are able to, and rely on these photos to indicate the grade of each and each coin. WE ENCOURAGE EVERY BUYER TO PLEASE FEEL FREE to ask us any questions you will enjoy about an merchandise.

11. Cleaning:  Our space is that every and each coin that’s no longer housed in a sealed mint holder has been cleaned at some level in its life time.

If one takes a coin and blows a speck of dirt off the skin, they qualified cleaned it.

Whenever you occur to effect a coin in your pocket and bound down the avenue the friction of the coin in your pocket can enjoy a cleansing dwell. If one enjoy been to eliminate the related coin and exercise a excessive proceed sharpening system on the skin, they cleaned it.


Whenever you occur to send a “soiled” coin into a grading service to be “conserved” and allow them to realize the “conserving”  they’ll charge you for their work CLEANING the coin and then charge you for grading the coin. Once they trim a coin they regard it as “conserved”. Whenever you occur to send a grading service a coin they deem may possibly well possibly enjoy been cleaned by anybody else, they may possibly possibly call it “cleaned”.


Our estimate is that grading companies trim over 10,000 coins each and per week. Some sellers actually send hundreds of coins in Plastic Proof intention/Mint intention containers to grading companies. The grading companies “crack them out” and dip them to accumulate firming and haze. Grading companies charge for their service and must restful grade the coins they trim with a SOLID grade with out reference to having cleaned them.

“Cleaning” removes contaminants from the skin of a coin that may possibly well possibly, over time, “spend away” on the skin. Putting off contaminants from the skin of a coin, then sealing the coin in a holder to totally provide protection to it from being mishandled or coming into contact with contaminants as delicate as air and moisture, mixed with catalysts esteem mild and warmth will one day, become the licensed manner in the coin industry of housing/maintaining a coin because it is far being carried out currently by the coin grading companies.

Within the present day “your coin has been cleaned” is aged as an excuse by sellers to beat the vendor down in designate when a vendor is procuring for. Nonetheless, “cleansing” is discounted or by no system mentioned when a vendor is selling a coin.

The purists prefer each and each scrap of grime that can’t be blown away with one’s breath to be left on a coin so as to support it in it is “pure convey”. While you take note the most effective/doable damage that any contaminant will attain over time to a coin, it most attention-grabbing appears logical to accumulate all contaminants if the aim is to support and provide protection to the coin.

Ever hear of the term “Improperly cleaned” that grading companies space on coins they grade? What attain these two phrases indicate?

Whenever you occur to can explain that a coin is “improperly cleaned” then this system that a coin will also be “successfully cleaned”. In every other case grading companies would most attention-grabbing exercise the note  “cleaned” when describing a coin.

Contaminants left on the skin of any coin will by hook or by crook “combine” with the metallic of the coin and reason damage. The $64,000 inquire of is, “when to trim”, “how to trim”, and “when no longer to trim”.

To say a coin “needs knowledgeable cleansing” system qualified that. An knowledgeable, esteem a grading service, needs to function the choice. Even after 55 years, we don’t claim to enjoy the trip. We eliminate and sell coins………it is now not our industry to trim/grade coins……..we lunge away that to the consultants………..and there are in fact consultants.

The advice, “by no system trim a coin” applies to most of us……..on yarn of most of us would “improperly trim a coin”………nevertheless “by no system trim a coin” would now not prepare to all of us and all coins always. Some coins must restful be cleaned a number of the time whereas other coins must restful by no system be cleaned at anytime.

Lastly, we want to portion one trip with the inquire of now we enjoy obtained about 1 million times over the years……”Has this coin been cleaned?”. Our response became “Yes, in our notion the coin has been cleaned to a degree at some stage in its lifetime.” The shopper buys the coin anyway. About two weeks later his pal writes madder than a mosquito in a mannequin manufacturing unit bringing up that in his notion the coin has no longer been cleaned and he would enjoy been full of life to pay three times what his pal paid for it nevertheless didn’t eliminate it on yarn of we advised his pal we despite the indisputable truth that it had been cleaned.

 You’d ask us our notion on whether or no longer or no longer a coin has been cleaned. Our acknowledge will likely be two fold:

1. What share of 100 is it “visible” to us that the coin in its present situation has been cleaned?

2. What p.c of 100 will we predict the coin has of passing a grading service as no longer having been cleaned?

Opinions are esteem noses. Most of us enjoy one, and if you esteem to enjoy “ours” about coin cleansing or the leisure……..qualified ask…….it is free. Tiresome questions are larger than slow mistakes.

We attain charge, nonetheless, for marital counseling.

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