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Up for auction as of late is ONE (1) HAND PICKED extremely BEAUTIFUL 2006-D SIX (6) “Corpulent Step” JEFFERSON NICKEL. You would rely on WHY ARE THESE MORE EXPENSIVE THAN THE NEXT GUY SELLING NICKELS? There could be a in point of fact accurate reason. These don’t seem to be your creep of the mill “BU” nickels. I if truth be told have long previous thru hundreds and hundreds of nickels that I if truth be told have for my fragment eradicated from mint sets. I handiest take the very simplest to sell. Most continuously that works out to handiest be about 3 or 4 out of 100. Of us must be aware that “Mint Situation” would no longer mechanically mean “Mint Suppose”. Purchase a look on the sample photos I if truth be told have included. Some mint sets have nickels which have coins which have “Bag marks”, “scratches” and diversified defects on the nickels that accept as true with the coin nugatory. Glimpse on the one image below where the mint predicament is basically lacking one among the coins. That if truth be told happen to me earlier than. So that is why you have to maybe well maybe very well be paying a top rate to insure that you gain a “top rate” nickel. Purchase a look on the photos included, that is the trusty nickel you are going to gain. You would score for yourself what an unparalleled nickel that is.

These nickels are “Hand Picked”, “Gradable” “Mint Suppose” high of the line nickels which were decrease from their mint sets and straight away re-sealed thru sizzling glue to stop the out of doorways air from starting up to tarnish the nickels. PCGS values this coin at $4,250.00 if it modified into to grade MS68FS. AND THIS COIN SHOULD GRADE MS68FS!!! Purchase a look on the photos and stare for yourself what a shiny nickel you are going to gain. 

PLEASE NOTE:  There could be NO BLACK spots on these nickels. It is the reflection of my dark digicam on the coin. You would explain this to yourself by looking out on the diversified photos and stare that what appears to be like to be a “dark region” is in diversified locations on the coin. That is as a consequence of I am transferring my hand around to secure the sole image capability.



“Purchase-It -Now” Sales Charge Must Be Made Straight. Public sale Funds Must Be Made Within 24 Hours of Shut of Public sale


COMBINED SHIPPING: I’ll mix the transport on auctions won, bought and shipped on the same time for a reduced total transport amount. The amount will rely on what number of and what purchases are made. The more items bought at one time the decrease the over-all transport price will seemingly be.