2009-s U.S. 18 Coin Proof Characteristic. Full and Long-established in BLUE  mint paper field

2009-s U.S. 18 Coin Proof Characteristic. Full and Long-established in BLUE mint paper field

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2009-s U.S. 18 Coin Proof Characteristic. Full and Long-established in BLUE mint paper field

We invent now not derive affords for decrease than the eBay phrase nor invent we discontinue auctions early.

 Now we dangle condensed 56 years of promoting mail uncover into a comprehensive presentment to be particular your delight.

Relating to the Condition of the Packaging of Proof and Mint Items


  “We are promoting coins now not packaging.”

  Our gadgets are above market requirements as traded between dealers.

 These gadgets dangle handed through rather a lot of hands since they left the mint.

Although all our proof and mint gadgets advance with the outer field/envelope those “envelopes” are ALL in “passe” condition and need to evidence “handling” and “put on”.

The older the gadgets, the more evidence of handling. No longer one among the imperfections within the outer wrappers affect the condition of the coins enclosed. Items from 1955 to 1967 are over a half of century pale while gadgets from 1968 to 1984 are 1/3 of a century pale. The outer wrappers are actually paper skinny and had been dealt with by outdated owners who opened these wrappers to glimpse at their coins. Even the paper “containers”/wrappers of very lately issued gadgets will level to that the sphere has been opened whenever you CAREFULLY open and shut it one time.

 We invent our edifying to dangle a list of the “freshest” “cleanest” packaged gadgets we likely can but please be told that whenever you quiz “mint sleek” “very top” fresh paper coverings we are in a position to’t carrier your uncover as we are in a position to’t desire one buyer over another by cherry picking basically the most very top wrappers for one person. 

 Grading products and services invent now not charge the wrappers in which the coins are housed. They devise now not grade them. Truly, they are to blame for destroying 10’s of thousands of them each month as they rupture them open to grade the coins enclosed.

 The coins dangle charge. The wrappers invent now not. As a buyer that you can also simply dangle the correct to originate the condition of the wrapper you prefer. We can respond any ask that you can also simply dangle as to the condition of the wrapper it is likely you’ll maybe acquire. They’ll all be in some say of passe condition.

 The laborious plastic cases are field to shrimp stress fractures either when in the beginning encased or as they age. 

 Although all our proof/mint gadgets are mint sealed and in some cases hermetically sealed in flat air tight plastic cellos, like proof gadgets 1955-1964, that air tight packaging contains the usual airborne contaminants of that air pocket. ALL proof and uncirculated gadgets will level to some stamp of interaction with micro atom contaminants over time (toning) whenever you put “ample” magnification on each coin in any proof and mint location. (Now we dangle even seen human finger prints on hermetically sealed mint gadgets 1959-1964 which proves that now not all mint staff wore their gloves when handling these uncirculated coins for packaging.) 

Here’s a copy of the insist placed in early mint-sealed proof gadgets by the Mint Superintendent starting put in 1956:

Your U.S. Proof Money–had been in moderation inspected before release! If there need to appear–what could maybe also simply appear to you–a defect or a scratch on a coin–it is some distance runt doubt a crease within the polyethylene-coated cellophane in which they are encased. We characterize you this to assign us both needless correspondence. THANK YOU! (over) Sooner or later your Proof Money could maybe also simply level to evidence of oxidation (tarnish or discoloration). Now we dangle chosen materials and methods of packing that we hope will delay this possibility, but we are in a position to’t pick responsibility for oxidation. Please invent now not query us to originate exchanges or adjustments. Thank You! (Mrs.) Rae V. Biester, Mint Superintendent

(from 1956)


Please invent now not quiz your proof/mint coins to glimpse as they did the day the mint struck them. From the second they are struck the metal begins to work along with the catalysts of air, light, temperature, and atoms within the air and the micro contaminants that would also very successfully be within the airtight hermetically sealed proof/mint gadgets themselves. The irony is that there could be a substantial market with substantial premiums for basically the most “attractive” toning that about a of these stipulations accumulate.

In case that you can also simply dangle any questions/issues about proof/mint location condition, please message us prior to paying on your uncover.

Standard Knowledge, Policies, and Frequently Requested Questions

1. Errors:  We originate errors. PLEASE enable us the chance to address any doable mistake made.

2. Coin GradingWe insist authenticity only. Any grades are our thought. We expend the timeframe “excessive grade” after we dangle a coin is within the better 20% of the surviving inhabitants. We expend the timeframe “better grade” after we dangle a coin is within the better 50% of the surviving inhabitants. We expend the phrase “detail” that coin grading products and services expend to alert patrons after we dangle a coin could maybe also simply dangle a bigger than realistic environmental defect. We inspire conversation before you rob. We are constantly prepared to give you with our thought of any coin. We employ thousands of dollars per week producing photos on the obverse and reverse of every coin we promote. These photos need to be ample to be particular your delight. We STRONGLY ADVISE that that you can also simply dangle knowledge/skills of the coin replace, coin grading, and typical coin terms before you rob. We are comfortable to respond questions within the eBay message plot. To be particular customer delight we dangle a 30 day unconditional return policy. Prospects invent now not like returns. Predict questions before you pay to be particular delight.

When ordering more than one objects from one vendor there could be a function within the eBay CART referred to as “query invoice from vendor.” This ability that you can query and acquire an invoice on your total bewitch, after you settle to rob on your CART. If the invoice you acquire from us exceeds your phrase level it is likely you’ll maybe be in a position to simply query us to execute the sale before paying for it.

I invite you to COST COMPARE our FINAL COST costs on proof/gadgets with the full leisure on eBay. Since 2008 to this point, no eBay buyer has confirmed us any vendor who sells proof/mint gadgets for decrease than we invent.

We provide you with the convenience all proof gadgets from 1955 to this point and all mint gadgets from 1959 to this point. We are now not attentive to any varied eBay vendor who does.

Now we dangle a SHIPPING and HANDLING charge. The SHIPPING (postage ) is candy piece of the charge. The HANDLING is an large charge. Hiring folks who need to be bonded to work in our vault facility, offers, INSURANCE for EVERY uncover, derive transport to the transport facility. In case you had been faced with paying these HANDLING costs you can dangle it when our accountant advises us that we are losing indispensable money above what we charge for transport and HANDLING. 10 years within the past we bought eBay’s absolute top rating for our transport and handling charge. Now we dangle now not raised this charge to the client while postage on my own has NEARLY DOUBLED within the final 10 years.


5. Grading by third parties:  Our transaction is with you. Please invent now not involve us with any third event in our transaction. Three coin dealers could agree on the grade of a coin if two of them had been needless. As I write this I even dangle three coins in grading plastics by “basically the most prominent” grading firms. One is a 1915-d penny in a BU holder described as a 1915-s. One is a excessive grade form one standing liberty quarter described as a form two. One other is a 1928 peace greenback graded AU with more damaging file marks on the reverse than it is likely you’ll maybe be in a position to precisely count. We dangle never despatched a coin to a grading carrier. I even dangle had a local vendor ship about a coins in for purchasers and through him we did an experiment in 2007. We despatched an stunning BU 1942/1-d dime in for grading to the “substantial three” at the time. It got here again graded from AU to excessive grade BU. The variation in charge was from $1,000 to $8,000. Then we despatched it again a second time to the an identical grading carrier and so that they had been 3 grades off from their first grade. Just a few weeks within the past a vendor I do know bought a graded VF DETAILS half of cent in a “substantial auction” coin convention auction. He had it re-graded and it got here again a solid AU. I truly know dealers that originate their residing by cracking what they dangle in thoughts below graded coins out of plastic and sending them again in “bulk charge” till they “accumulate the grade they need” after which they promote them. WE PLACE ZERO VALUE ON ANY THIRD PARTY GRADING OPINION EXCEPT AUTHENTICITY.

6. Refunds:  It is miles a necessity and reassuring to know that you’re gracious with eBay Buyer Protection. Now we dangle a no questions asked/unconditional return policy without a re-stocking price. We only query that patrons PLEASE exercise all due diligence within the utilization of the full knowledge supplied about a coin before bewitch to retain away from needless returns. We quiz the client to pay for all transportation costs except there could be a field fabric mistake within the image supplied. Our photos could maybe also be blown as much as the size of a computer camouflage for shut examination. We employ over $100,000.00 a year offering these photos to be particular customer delight

and eliminate returns. Please be particular your beget delight with shut examination of the photos supplied and in asking any questions prior to rob.

7. Authenticity:  All coins are guaranteed to be suited for life and need to be returned any time for a 100% refund if now not suited.

8. Shipping:  It is our policy to ship all orders within one replace day.

9. Glimpse objects:  Please expend eBay’s represent growth function (on hand for every coin we promote) to procure out if the condition of every coin we promote is to your delight. THE PICTURE OF THE COIN IS THE GRADE OF THE COIN PRESENTED. This represent is actually price 1 Million phrases.  One Million phrases could never provide a bigger description than an image. Any written description is merely our thought and now not a insist of what our buyer or any varied event could maybe also simply intention at. We are comfortable to respond any questions that you can also simply dangle about our description. You’ll want to depend entirely for your beget assessment as to the grade of any coin.

10. Predict before you rob:  Truly feel free to query questions before you pay. We clutch basically the most life like photos we are in a position to, and rely upon these photos to represent the grade of every coin. WE ENCOURAGE EVERY BUYER TO PLEASE FEEL FREE to query us any questions that you can also simply dangle about an item.

11. Cleaning:  Our plot is that each coin that is now not housed in a sealed mint holder has been cleaned at some level in its life time.

If one takes a coin and blows a speck of dust off the surface, they very top cleaned it.

In case you put a coin on your pocket and stroll down the avenue the friction of the coin on your pocket could dangle a cleansing invent. If one had been to know the an identical coin and expend a excessive tempo polishing instrument on the surface, they cleaned it.


In case you ship a “dirty” coin into a grading carrier to be “conserved” and allow them to invent the “conserving”  they’re going to charge you for their work CLEANING the coin after which charge you for grading the coin. As soon as they natty a coin they regard it as “conserved”. In case you ship a grading carrier a coin they dangle could maybe also simply had been cleaned by someone else, they could maybe also simply call it “cleaned”.


Our estimate is that grading products and services natty over 10,000 coins each week. Some dealers actually ship thousands of coins in Plastic Proof location/Mint location containers to grading products and services. The grading products and services “crack them out” and dip them to take toning and haze. Grading products and services charge for their carrier and need to grade the coins they natty with a SOLID grade irrespective of having cleaned them.

“Cleaning” will get rid of contaminants from the surface of a coin that could, over time, “eat away” at the surface. Getting rid of contaminants from the surface of a coin, then sealing the coin in a holder to utterly provide protection to it from being mishandled or coming into contact with contaminants as refined as air and moisture, blended with catalysts like light and heat will in the end, develop into the authorized intention within the coin replace of housing/retaining a coin as it is some distance being done today time by the coin grading products and services.

In the camouflage day “your coin has been cleaned” is passe as an excuse by dealers to beat the seller down in phrase when a vendor is attempting to procure. Alternatively, “cleansing” is discounted or never talked about when a vendor is promoting a coin.

The purists prefer each scrap of grime that can’t be blown away with one’s breath to be left on a coin to be in a position to retain it in it is “natural say”. When you dangle in thoughts the final/doable wound that any contaminant will invent over time to a coin, it only looks logical to take all contaminants if the aim is to retain and provide protection to the coin.

Ever hear of the timeframe “Improperly cleaned” that grading products and services plot on coins they grade? What invent these two phrases point out?

In case it is likely you’ll maybe be in a position to claim that a coin is “improperly cleaned” then this intention that a coin could maybe also be “successfully cleaned”. Otherwise grading products and services would only expend the phrase  “cleaned” when describing a coin.

Contaminants left on the surface of any coin will within the waste “mix” with the metal of the coin and trigger wound. The $64,000 ask is, “when to natty”, “methods on how to natty”, and “when now to not natty”.

To speak a coin “wants expert cleansing” intention very top that. An authority, like a grading carrier, needs to originate the choice. Even after 55 years, we invent now not dispute to dangle the skills. We rob and promote coins………it is now not our replace to natty/grade coins……..we proceed that to the experts………..and there are actually experts.

The recommendation, “never natty a coin” applies to most folk……..due to most folk would “improperly natty a coin”………but “never natty a coin” doesn’t apply to all folks and all coins at all cases. Some coins need to be cleaned about a of the time while varied coins need to never be cleaned at anytime.

Lastly, we want to fragment one skills with the ask we dangle bought about 1 million cases over time……”Has this coin been cleaned?”. Our response was “Yes, in our thought the coin has been cleaned to a degree at some level of its lifetime.” The buyer buys the coin anyway. About two weeks later his pal writes madder than a mosquito in a model factory mentioning that in his thought the coin has now not been cleaned and he would had been prepared to pay three cases what his pal paid for it but did not rob it due to we suggested his pal we despite the undeniable reality that it had been cleaned.

 That you just must maybe be in a position to query us our thought on whether or now not or now not a coin has been cleaned. Our respond will be two fold:

1. What percentage of 100 is it “seen” to us that the coin in its camouflage condition has been cleaned?

2. What p.c of 100 invent we mediate the coin has of passing a grading carrier as now not having been cleaned?

Opinions are like noses. Most folks dangle one, and if you’ll need “ours” about coin cleansing or the leisure……..very top query…….it is free. Tiring questions are better than unimaginative errors.

We invent charge, nonetheless, for marital counseling.

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