2020 (P)  US Jefferson Nickel “FREE SHIPPING”

2020 (P) US Jefferson Nickel “FREE SHIPPING”

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2020 (P) US Jefferson Nickel “FREE SHIPPING”

(1) Philadelphia Nickel

• Exercise the browsing cart to without fret mix your objects

• Provide in the US

• Photos are representative of circulated coins, your coins may perchance perchance be of the identical quality or greater.

• Grade: Circulated Trade Strike chanced on in rolls.  Since these coins had been made for fashioned circulation imperfections equivalent to; scratches, nicks, watermarks, discoloration and wear exist.  I could rob the very most arresting examples to your put off to be nice your satisfaction.

Your 100% Pride Guaranteed!

• 14 Day return privilege

• Label of merchandise refunded upon receipt of returned merchandise

Disclaimer: Grades and descriptions of coins, treasured metals and forex are opinions, no longer declare of info or ensures and are based entirely on standards and interpretations that will per chance per chance and build differ from particular person to particular person and exchange over time.

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