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2021 (P) US Jefferson Nickel “FREE SHIPPING”

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Price: 1.12 USD

Coin Details:

2021 (P) US Jefferson Nickel “FREE SHIPPING”

(1) Philadelphia Nickel

• Use the taking a gawk cart to simply combine your objects

• Shipping in the US

• Pictures are representative of circulated coins, your coins will be of the an identical high-quality or greater.

• Grade: Circulated Industry Strike chanced on in rolls.  Since these coins were made for in type circulation imperfections equivalent to; scratches, nicks, watermarks, discoloration and wear exist.  I am going to get rid of out the precise examples on your have interaction to comprise particular your satisfaction.

Your 100% Pride Guaranteed!

• 14 Day return privilege

• Designate of item refunded upon receipt of returned item

Disclaimer: Grades and descriptions of coins, treasured metals and currency are opinions, no longer assertion of info or guarantees and are in line with requirements and interpretations that can and enact fluctuate from particular person to particular person and alternate over time.

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