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God Bless America Coin, Patriotic American Flag Military Soldiers Difficulty

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  • HIGH QUALITY GOD BLESS AMERICA DIFFICULTY COIN: The course of a nation is challenging and treacherous course laden with unpredictability. It has actually never ever been more important to count on the structure upon which this country was built– the Word of God.CHRISTIAN PATRIOTIC
  • COIN WITH BIBLE VERSE: Front: American flag, with text” God Bless America “/” One nation under God “. Back: Stars, with text” America God shed his grace on thee”/ “Blessed is the country whose God is Lord. Psalm 33:12 “. Size: 1.75”, 4mm thick
  • GOLD PLATED COLLECTIBLE MEMENTO: This gorgeous religious obstacle coin is a perfect tool to function as a subtle reminder of faith. Excellent to keep in a pocket, handbag, or knapsack to carry with you anywhere you go, or put it on display screen on any table or desktop.HIGH-DETAIL PASS ALONG TOKEN: Thoroughly and remarkably designed, this Bible verse challenge coin makes the ideal gift or token of encouragement to pass out to good friends or household. Make someone’s day with a simple, kind gesture and a little present. Also a fantastic tool for bulk teaching help and practical demonstration at church, school, little groups, or youth groups.PERSONAL POCKET TOKEN OR ENCOURAGING PRESENT: This Christian obstacle coin is available in
  • gift-ready product packaging. Makes for the best present as a token of appreciation, gratitude, or encouragement. Advise someone that they are not alone, and that there is a God who loves them. Great present to motivate somebody going through challenging times. Carry this spiritual coin with you as a tip to pray always, listen to God, and live righteously and exercise faith. 4.9 out of 5 stars- 33 rankings -#God #Bless #America #Coin #Patriotic #American #Flag #Military #Soldiers #Challenge
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