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Islamic Coin Umayyad Silver Dirham Caliph Sulayman ibn Abdel Malik 98 AH 717 ADVERTISEMENT

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Coin Details:

Islamic Coin Umayyad Silver Dirham Caliph Sulayman ibn Abdel Malik 98 AH 717 ADVERTISEMENT eBay

Umayyad Silver Dirham
Caliph Sulayman Ibn Marwan
98 AH – 717 Advertisement Wasit Mint
Nice Islamic Coin

For your Islamic Coin Collection-UMM114


  • Description: Umayyad silver dirham struck in 98 AH (717 ADVERTISEMENT) throughout the reign of the Caliph Sulayman ibn Abd al-Malik b. Marwan. Suleyman ruled the Islamic empire in the duration 96-99 AH (715-717 ADVERTISEMENT). He is the 3rd Caliph of the Umayyad Dynasty. The coin plainly reveals the date of minting and the name of the mint; Wasit. This coin is a terrific example of reformed Islamic coinage set up by Abdel Malik b. Marwan. Please thoroughly examine the scan provided as it is part and parcel of our description.
  • Date: Struck in the year 98 AH or 717 ADVERTISEMENT.
  • Mint: Mint noted on the coin as Wasit.
  • Size and weight: This is a silver dirham, weighs ~ 2.7 grams and is ~27 mm in size.
  • References: It is Album 131, al-Ush 978, Wilkes 297, and is not noted in Lane Poole Catalogue of the Collection of Arabic Coins Preserved in the Khedivial Library in Cairo Egypt.
  • Condition: I would grade this coin as a good extremely great to incredibly great with a well focused strike and lovely Calligraphy. The coin is gorgeous and is better than the images recommend. The coin reveals a big dark area in the bottom of the obverse, some small wear and a couple of scratches along with bag marks in the field. The reverse is equally toned unlike the obverse which has the big darker area. Be that as it might, this is a lovely and really legible coin to contribute to your collection. Please see pictures for extra condition info.
  • Historic Perspective: The Muslim Arabs utilized current gold and silver coinage in lands they dominated. At that time the nascent Islamic country did not have a financial system and did not strike neither gold nor silver coins, rather the dominating Arabs utilized the Byzantine financial system currently existing in Egypt for the majority of the gold coins and the Sassanian financial system currently existing in Iran for the majority of silver coins with small adjustments. In 77 AH (699 ADVERTISEMENT) Abd al-Malik Ibn Marwan the Umayyad caliph set up a financial system and started striking the very first Islamic coins consisting of the gold Dinar. The dinar weighed 4.25 grams, or one mithqal, of the greatest pureness gold possible. At the time the center of power and the primary gold coin mint lay in Dimishq (present day Damascus in Syria). On the other hand, silver coins, or dirhams were struck throughout the empire in different mints.

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