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Proof & Mint Coin Collection of 11 coins, plus a 5 coin bonus 50+ year old coins

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Price: 29.99 USD

Coin Details:

Proof & Mint Coin Collection of 11 coins, plus a 5 coin bonus 50+ year old coins

~~~ 16 Coin Starter Collection Liquidation Sale ~~~

You are purchasing a lot of 11 random US Proof and US Mint coins,

With a special bonus of 5 circulated coins that are over 50 years old (PRE-1970).

All 11 Mint and Proof coins are different years and are in less than perfect condition.

You will receive 2 cents, 2 nickels, 2 dimes, 2 quarters, 2 half dollars and 1 dollar coin for each set ordered.

The Dollar coin will be one of the following: Presidential, SBA, Sacagawea or Eisenhower Dollar.

Mint coins are in their original cello wrap and all Proof coins are individually packaged in 2×2’s.

The 5 assorted bonus coins consist of the following selections, but you will not receive all of these.

These 5 coins are randomly selected and are enclosed in carboard/mylar 2×2’s.

Lincoln Cent – BU prior to 1970. 

Wheat Cent – full date circulated prior to 1945.

Indian Head Cent – Full date circulated.

Jefferson Nickel, Proof prior to 1970.

Jefferson Nickel – BU prior to 1970.

Jefferson War Nickel – Full date circulated (35% SILVER).

Buffalo Nickel – Full date circulated.

Liberty V Nickel – Full date circulated.

Roosevelt Dime – Full date circulated, Pre-64 (90% SILVER).

Mercury Dime – Full date circulated (90% SILVER).

Barber Dime – Full date circulated (90% SILVER).

You will receive 16 Coins TOTAL per set,

Buy 4 or more lots and receive a

 free NGC or PCGS graded Coin!

After years of attending coin shows, private auctions and dealings in the rare 

coin business, we are running out of room and it is time to reduce our inventory.

This selection of coins are hand selected to ensure that every coin is a different date,

however, you can expect some duplicate dates if you order 3 or more sets.

This starter set is a great way to start collecting coins or add to your beginning collection.


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