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UNCIRCULATED US Kennedy Half Greenback Mint Coin Combined Lot!!

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Price: 2.80 USD

Coin Details:

UNCIRCULATED US Kennedy Half Greenback Mint Coin Combined Lot!!


You can accept 1 (one) Used Uncommon UNCIRCULATED US Kennedy Half Greenback in Mint cello . Coins vary from 1968-1999. Every coin is on the least 18 years venerable.  For every 5 (5) cash you purchase procure one FREE!!!  Sure we shatter mix shipping so every extra coin ships free!!

This Elevate-It-Now Contains…

One(1) Uncirculated Kennedy Half Greenback from a random one year post 1968. Every coin will map in a cello wrap from the Mint.  Dates vary from post 1968 via 2003.

  • The payment of these cash will accelerate up yearly given the location they are in. Now’s a huge time to invest at this label!                BUY FIVE GET ONE FREE!!!!                        YES WE DO COMBINE SHIPPING!!!

    So every extra coin ships free

    Every lot contains one (1) random Kennedy half of buck dated 1964-1999 from a not too long ago surfaced hoard.  Every coin is in uncirculated mint situation Guaranteed by the U.S. MINT .  Non-public merit of this opportunity while it lasts!  The US Mint no longer mints Kennedy half of greenbacks for circulation and masses of of the cash on this hoard were below no circumstances intended for circulation by the mint.

    Purchase more than one heaps and we are in a position to shatter our sufficient to provide you with as many diverse dates and/or mintmarks as possible.  No other seller can guarantee that!

    Expose lawful now and each extra coin ships free!
    Elevate 10 and accept 1 Proof (particular strike strictly minted for showcasing) half of buck in your neighborhood 
    Elevate 20 and accept 1 Silver half of buck and 1 Proof half of buck in your neighborhood
    The more you purchase the more you set purchase 2 set 3% off every   purchase 3 set 5% off every purchase 4 or more set 7% off every 

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